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My favorite Indian field partner, non-profit WSDS-initiate, supports vulnerable ethnic groups in Manipur– the hilly eastern state bordered on the west by Burma. WSDS was founded in 1989 to help mitigate conflict among the many ethnic groups living there. Manipur’s population comprises three tribes, which can be further divided into over a dozen sub-tribes, with people speaking 29 dialects and practicing numerous religions, including Hinduism (41%), Christianity (41%), Islam (8%), Buddhism, Jainism, and native religions.

WSDS’s goal is to empower women, particularly the marginalized, by offering loans to support weavers, small businesses, and farmers, as well as championing education and solar home-lighting initiatives.

Although Kiva lender funds remain in India for 43 months, when Kiva loans are repaid within India, WSDS rolls over the repayments to fund other loans to empower women in Manipur, until the funds are remitted to Kiva at the end of 43 months. WSDS posts updates when the original borrowers repay in full; for example, this update to Chienkonpang I group.

We are writing to let you know that your loan in India has been repaid. Kholly used her WSDS loan for buying 45 watt mini solar home lighting to install in the room for her children to study for longer hours past sunset. This solar loan has allows her children to study more effectively under the bright light which results in good grades. It also help her family do some work at night. She is very happy and thankful to WSDS.

Also, in 2015, a Kiva Fellow visiting WSDS encouraged the field partner’s representatives to chat with lenders on team boards. Feel free to ask WSDS Rep Jenny questions about Manipur visit: Here.

WSDS-initiate loans funding now on Kiva: Here.

WSDS-initiate Kiva FP Page: Here.

WSDS Website: Here.

Manipur Map: Here.

Manipur Wikipedia: Here.

WSDS-initiative At-A-Glance:
Founded: 1989 Joined Kiva: 2012
As of 03/28/16:
Paying Back: 391 loans, $650K
Ended: 31 loans, $53.5K
100% to women.