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Pro Mujer

FundaciĆ³n Pro Mujer, in Bolivia, is a Kiva partner of almost 10 years, and the organization itself has been working for over 25 years. They describe themselves as a “women’s development organization.” (Although their borrowing groups on Kiva sometimes include one or two men, the women are in charge and are about 97% of the members.) I like the group lending methodology that Pro Mujer employs, because it is a way of serving the poorest of the poor, who can only handle small loan amounts. First loans for Pro Mujer group members are normally about US $100. Pro Mujer groups “guarantee” one another’s loan repayments, which I believe is one factor behind Pro Mujer’s stellar repayment statistics on Kiva. Pro Mujer provides free basic healthcare for borrowers and their children, as well as business training and financial services, including loans and savings accounts. The healthcare providers screen clients for diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer, among other things. The first two of those are conditions that Native American populations are more susceptible to than others, and early detection of all three problems can make a huge difference in a person’s life. ( Among Western Hemisphere countries, Bolivia is the one with the highest percentage of its population being Native American, at about 2/3.)

The Bolivia program is Pro Mujer’s original one, but they now serve people in several other Latin American countries, including Peru, Mexico, Argentina, and Nicaragua. So it’s a sizeable organization, and it has well-developed management systems (visit their site, or more info).

I appreciated the information in this Kiva Fellow post, dated July 26, 2016, regarding Pro Mujer getting its SMART qualification. The SMART Campaign launched its Client Protection Certification program in January 2013. It is designed to prevent over-indebtedness and foster fair treatment of clients by microfinance providers. For more information about the Smart Campaign visit HERE.