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We are thrilled at the way our Team has grown and developed! In the team’s short life, we have grown to almost 700 members! Together, our team members have provided more than $2,500,000 in nearly 17,500 Kiva loans! And we are Mindful about the borrowers who are helped by our loans, the Field Partners we are helping to grow, and Kiva itself! We ourselves grow as we learn about the needs of the people we help and focus with gratitude on the beauty and plenty in our own lives.

We would like to welcome many more new lenders to our team! You will see that our logo now sports the message, FREE LOAN JOIN NOW! While the codes last, TMB will give one free loan code to each new member who joins the team. Please invite your friends! If you are successful in inviting a new member, send Elias a message, and he will give you a free loan code too.

This is the link to join our team:


Happy Free Lending!

Mindfully yours,
The Mindful Bunch Team Captains