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The Mindful Bunch


Q. Why do people join lending teams, and The Mindful Bunch in particular?

A. Amazingly, what started out as a personal and family project has captured the imagination of over 775 people, from all around the world, who have come together to provide more than $3 million in loan funds through Kiva. People join teams for many reasons, we think mainly to having their lending become more effective than what they can do by themselves. Besides, it is fun to cooperate and learn from fellow team members, since they bring to the team the loans that speak to their hearts and ask us all to join in. Our team grows and grows and grows, and we think the heart of the matter is that we have created a very special culture characterized by love of life, zeal for helping the less fortunate, gratitude for our own good fortune and Mindful awareness of people in the world with great needs that we can help them address.

Q. Why do people form Kiva lending teams?

A. There are now about 38,000 teams on Kiva! The Kiva teams fall into many different categories. Kiva lists the categories as alumni groups, businesses, businesses-internal groups, clubs, colleges/universities, common interest, events, families, field partner fans, friends, local area, memorials, religious congregations, schools, sports groups and schools.
The Mindful Bunch is here because we believe in the benefits of microfinance, and we like Kiva’s crowdfunding approach to supporting microfinance lenders (which Kiva calls its Field Partners). It provides a vehicle for us, and our family members and friends, to work together to provide loan funds for borrowers who impress us, and to focus Mindfully on the borrowers and their needs, the microfinance institutions who help them to find their way out of poverty. As we lend, we look inside ourselves to feel gratitude for the abundance in our own lives.