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The Mindful Bunch

Elias issued a challenge (January 2016) to our team members, which appears on our home page. Here are the answers received to date:

My 5 Resolutions!

1. Be more grateful for everything I have.
2. Reduce my alcohol consumption as much as possible.
3. Take better care of my back.
4. Take up piano and horseback riding lessons.
5. Go to bed earlier. Elias

Rarely driven by external incentives, I am eager to participate in this challenge, as well as to have your support in my accountability. To this end, I have made tangible resolutions. Posting a chart on my refrigerator to keep track of my success, I look forward to earning those ‘gold star’ codes at the end of each month. (I began with my commitment on the first of January; if you read #4, you will understand why it has taken me so many days to post my resolutions!) Thank you, Elias, for yet another opportunity o practice Mindfulness.

1) I will choose a monthly mantra and begin each day by repeating it. For January, my
affirmation is: “I have been criticizing myself for years and it hasn’t worked. I will try approving of myself and see what happens.”
2) Five times per week, I will stretch for 15+ minutes, using my “Classical Stretch” DVD series, as well as walk a minimum of five miles per day.
3) Once again, I will totally eliminate gluten, chocolate, and sugar from my diet, thus resuming the healthy path from which I strayed.
4) I will limit my computer usage to three hours a day, divided into segments of no more than one hour at a time.
5) As Creativity is prayer in motion . . . each month, I will complete one sewing project, plus I will make enough pottery to fill and fire my kiln. Alana

I have a lot of Resolutions; I take 5 😉

1. I have to take care of my health. Includes some doctor-dates, tests, preventions things. First I will make 2 doctor-dates in the next time and USE them.
2. I will walk everyday minimum 8 kilometers. No exuses, only ill-days with fever (like today).
3. I will lose some weight. Nice would be one kilogram a month.
4. I will try to save a friendship to someone I lost. Maybe I can change things.
5. This year I will stop delay saying “important things” to people I like and love. Live is to short for that.

Only 5 of a lot 😉

Greetings to all

Andrea Andrea

Resolutions to myself:

1. Be more patient. Think before you say something.
2. Be more loving to people around you.
3. Remember to show more your gratitude to others.
4. Take better care of your well being (diet (less sugar), exercise, sleep)
5. Find time to read good literature.

Happy New Year to everyone! Anna

It´s quite inspiring to read everyone´s resolutions for the new year. Here are mine:

1) Try to be better in asking for help
2) Go Swimming at least two times a month
3) Read more for pleasure not just for my studies
4) Try to be more connected to my friends both locally and those living far away
5) Be more mindful about my consumption and how it affects the globe.

Happy new year! Anna Katharina

Happy New Year to all the Mindful Bunch.

What a great challenge, Elias. To be mindfully accountable. Here are my resolutions:

1. To do all the rehab exercises necessary to get and keep the most benefit from my new knee replacement.
2. Eat less sweets (I would love to say eat none but I know that isn’t going to happen)
3. Drink more water and be mindful of those who do not have sufficient and clean water.
4. Be more patient with those around me.
5. Get more sleep and form a more consistent sleep pattern. Candida

Thanks for the challenge elias, here’s some resolves for 2016:

Listen more
Cultivate patience
Keep up daily meditation practice
Keep up qigong practice
Get enough sleep (less late night loan reviews 😉 Cynthia

My 5 Resolves for NYRC:

1. Be Happy!
2. Swimming 1000 meters two times a week
3. Lose some weight
4. Help other people … with money, clothes, working or however
5. Playing “werewolves of mirkwood” with my family and friends as often as I can 🙂

Thank you Elias for being that what you are! Conny


1. Spend less on non-essentials and lend more on Kiva
2. Talk less, listen more (borrowed from Wolfgang, because it’s an excellent resolution).
3. Sit less and move more, especially outside
4. Take photographs every day
5. Think more kindly of people —assume good motives until proven otherwise Kristi

NYRC ….Every day

1. Practice Taiji
2. Laugh with my family
3. Help out a stranger in some way
4. Appreciate the simple things in life
5. Practice mindfulness more often

Thank you Elias for another challenge. Ingrid

1. Learn one new thing daily (often Kiva inspired!).
2. Do more Pilates.
3. Stay in touch more w/good friends despite time/distance impediments.
4. Make time for new math/physics book.
5. Focus on the present moment, so that the past, i.e. recent negative events or people, does not hold power over the present.
6. Go outdoors every day and find something amazing. Irene

– dance
– write postcards
– memorize poems
– find new topics for talks with my family
– work as a volunteer Janina

Great challenge! Sharing resolutions is supposed to really help with sticking to them.

Let’s see if that works!

Her are mine…

1. Eat and drink more healthily.
2. Stitch or draw every day – even if just for a few minutes.
3. Meditate every day – even if just for a few minutes.
4. Smile more.
5. Take more exercise.

Good luck with your resolutions, everyone! JenniferStick

My new year resolutions this year focus much on energy

– Sleep more. (If the youngest child continues to have the same sleeping pattern we have to find other ways to get more sleep)
– Work on getting rid of things I don’t use. Too much stuff drains my energy.
– Get started on some major repairs on the house that we have been postponing.
– Spend more time with friends and family. Quality time that builds up positive energy.
– Join Tony’s work on funding loans from Al Majmoua as often as possible. I am impressed by the work they do. Kima

I’ll join the Challenge:

1. I promise to be less pessimistic and worried all the time.
2. I promise to be in touch with my friends more.
3. I promise to play more with my niece and nephew.
4. I’ll have at least one vegetarian food day every week.
5. I’ll watch less TV. Leena

Here are my new year resolutions. They are seven. If I keep 5 of them, does that still count? 🙂

1. Start with a grateful mind – spend the first 2 minutes after waking up reminding myself of what i am grateful for
2. Do something for another person each day (well, that may be a Kiva loan :-))
3. Thoroughly enjoy and relish something every day
4. Exercise for 45mins at least 3 times per week (swimming, gym…)
5. Start a meaningful conversation with a stranger or a person that i hardly know at least every 2 days
6. Eat healthy (give up on sweets on weekdays, only one helping per meal, eat vegetarian 3 times per week)
7. Say a prayer for a stranger at least once per day Maria

My resolutions:

1.To be grateful for all I have.
2 To live more simply.
3.To eat healthier.
4.To exercise more.
5.To laugh more often.


Here are my 5 resolutions:

1. To be more aware of the many people and things in my life that I have to be grateful for.
2. To be more loving to those people regularly in my life and those who cross my path.
3. To read more spiritually uplifting books on a regular basis.
4. To exercise and walk more regularly.
5. To go to bed earlier. Martha

I have enjoyed being a member of the Mindful Bunch and look forward to 2016! Here are my New Year resolutions:

1. Be more involved on Kiva
2. Be healthier – exercise daily in any matter
3. Have more patience with my children
4. Visit a new country
5. Give up diet soda Nora

Wow Elias, you are quite a poet!
I’m glad you didn’t ask for rhyming resolutions!
Here are mine:

1 Stretch daily or yoga
2 Make more time for friends and family especially those living far away
3 Smile more, laugh more, and help others to do the same
4 Get to sleep 1 hour earlier
5 Learn to Juggle and try tai chi

Thanks for the challenge 🙂

Wishing everyone Peace, Joy, and Good Health in the New Year! Sheila

1. Eat smaller portions.
2. Run more.
3. Complain less.
4. Show people I care.
5. Stop and smell the roses. Smudge

More time for family and friends
Lose some weight
Go 10.000 steps a day
Read more books instead of spend time in internet
Help others Spooky

1: Reach my campaign goal of $30,000 by Feb. 25th. (Currently @ $7,000)
2: Quit Smoking (Already down from 1 1/2 packs a day to 1/2 a pack in just the last two weeks!)
3: Meditate more.
4: Get even more involved in Kiva (i.e. Fellows, Zip, KivaU, etc.)
5: Get back in college to study Micro-finance and International Development. Ryan

Elias, Thank you for the Mindful challenge, and for this awesome team!
My resolution won’t qualify for the challenge, but here it is:
In 2016, I will pay personal attention to every new loan posted on Kiva by Al Majmoua, and I follow each Al Majmoua loan all the way through, working hard to get it Fully Funded! Tony

Laugh over myself
Let old things gone
Talk less, listen more
Forgive someone
Tell my friends and family how important they are for me

Happy New Year everyone! Wolfgang

I promise to be more forgiving
I promise to make an effort to become more active and lose more weight, at 20lbs.
I promise to help my canine friends by donating more to their cause.
I promise to devote more time to volunteer work this year.
I promise to share more love with those not so near family members who are sometimes forgotten. Yvonne