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The Mindful Bunch


Welcome to The Mindful Bunch, a team of lenders who work together to provide funds for microloans to combat poverty around the world, using the platform provided by Kiva Microfunds, usually called kiva.org.

One of the sections of this site is devoted to explaining about Kiva. To navigate to that page, Click HERE.

Another section is devoted to Mindfulness and includes suggestions about further readings. Click HERE.

To add to the fun, team captain Elias sometimes sponsors guessing games, challenges and other activities for team members, with Kiva lending codes as prizes. Perhaps the most successful of all these activities to date has been the Grateful List Challenge. To learn more, Click HERE.

The Mindful Bunch team was founded by Kiva lender Elias in December 2014. He was joined by co-captain Tony in January 2015. Many devoted friends, most notably Michelle in Tasmania, joined the team early on and have helped to build it. If you are not a member of our team, please consider joining here: The Mindful Bunch.

We are a bunch of Mindful people (or at least trying our best to be), and we want to change the world for the better in any way we can. Join us and enjoy the ride. We are now more than 1050 strong.

Making a Kiva loan, in sympathy with the other members of The Mindful Bunch, and the community of Kiva lenders around the globe, is a lovely exercise in Mindfulness. Team members have credited nearly 39,000 loans, totaling more than $5,600,000, to the team.